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*2016 Reunion Registration*


The Stellar Brothers reunion will be held the weekend of September 24-25, 2016. Please save this date and make plans to attend. And track down your Pledge Brothers or other House Brothers and persuade them to attend too!

The reunion objective is to create the time and opportunity for all of us to catch up with our House Brothers and to rekindle memories of Purdue. To meet this objective, the Stellar Brothers Reunion Planning Committee (Joe Ely, John Huseman, Don Haberlin, Doug Lemmon, Michael Caron, Kevin Barker) has a full day of activites planned for Saturday, September 24 that include:

09:00 - 12:00pm Pre-game party (at Stewart Center, Room 278)
12:00 - 03:00pm  Football game. (working with Purdue's group ticket sales office - info for purchasing your ticket in the Stellar Brothers section to follow soon)
03:00 - 04:00pm  Group walk/tour around campus with a stop at 214 Marstellar
05:00 - 9:00pm House meeting followed by dinner and party at John Prewitt's house (BIG THANKS TO JOHN PREWETT!!!)

Because it is a Purdue football weekend and also Band Day at the game, hotels in Lafayette/West Lafayette are entirely filled. However, the Motel 6 (765-447-7566), which is walking distance from John Prewett's house, still had rooms available as of mid-August, and some out-of-town Stellar Brothers have already booked a room there.

Please know that if your schedule does not allow for you to attend all activities, you are welcome to attend just the ones that do fit your schedule. However, the Planning Committee needs an accurate estimate of the people attending each activity to know how many tickets to hold, how much food to plan for, and how many rooms to request.

PLEASE "register" below so that the planning team will have a good count of the attendees for each event. You don't have to register to attend the reunion, but it will be very helpful if you do.

Looking forward to seeing you in September!!!


Stellar Brothers Reunion Planning Committee (Joe, John, Don, Michael, Doug, Kevin)

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1)   * Are you (and guests, if any) planning on attending part or all of the September 24 Stellar Brothers reunion? Please indicate how many in your party will be attending.

2)   Please list the names of your guests (if any).

3)   I (and my guests, if any) plan to attend the pre-game party in Stewart Center, Room 278. Please indicate how many in your party will be attending. (Select 0 if not attending)

4)   I (and my guests, if any) plan to sit in the Stellar Brothers block at the Purdue football game. Please indicate how many tickets you will need.

5)   I (and my guests, if any) plan to walk around campus with other Stellar Brothers after the football game. Please indicate how many in your party will be joining the tour.

6)   I (and my guests, if any) plan to attend the House meeting and after game party/dinner (Kegger???) at John Prewett's house. Please indicate how many in your party will be attending.

7)   We discovered that hotels are full due to the football game and band day, but a Motel 6 (765-447-7566) which is walking distance from Prewett's house still has rooms, and some Stellar Brothers are staying there. If you plan to spend the night, you are responsible for finding your own accommodations. Are you planning to spend the night?

8)   If you have questions or comments for the planning team, please enter it below. We welcome your feedback.